Class BinaryMetadata

  • public final class BinaryMetadata
    extends Object
    The LDP specification divides resources into two categories: RDF resources and non-RDF resources. Non-RDF resources may also have a corresponding RDF description. These interfaces assume it is the case that Non-RDF resources have an RDF description.

    For those resources that are non-RDF resources (LDP-NR), the base Resource interface will make a BinaryMetadata object available. The binary content is not accessed directly through the BinaryMetadata class, but rather an identifier is returned, which may be resolved by an external system.

    The BinaryMetadata class also provides access methods for the MIME Type of the resource.

    • Method Detail

      • getIdentifier

        public IRI getIdentifier()
        Retrieve an IRI identifying the location of the binary.
        the resource content
      • getMimeType

        public Optional<String> getMimeType()
        Retrieve the mime-type of the resource, if one was specified.
        the mime-type
      • getHints

        public Map<String,​List<String>> getHints()
        Retrieve any hints for persistence.
        the hints