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TrellisTrellis LDP

A scalable platform for building linked data applications.


Trellis Implementations

There are several Trellis-based applications. Each has different performance characteristics: for example, the Triplestore-based server (Trellis Application) is very easy to deploy and is ideal for single-node installations. The Kafka-based server (Rosid), on the other hand, is much easier to scale horizontally.

Trellis Application

A Trellis implementation using an internal triplestore.

Latest Release

Source Code


A Trellis implementation using a file-based persistence layer and an internal Kafka event bus.

Latest Release

Source Code

Note: be sure to download both the trellis-rosid-app and the trellis-processing artifacts.

Trellis Core

The core Trellis modules are not runnable on their own, but they can be integrated into Java or other JVM-based codebases. Artifacts are available on Maven Central or can be built from source.

Dependency Information

Apache Maven



    compile "org.trellisldp:trellis-api:${project.version}"